Differential Pair naming

Currently, differential pairs have to end with P/N (positive/negative) or +/-
Is it possible to increase this list? Maybe with a regexp too, so signal names do not need to only end with those strings.

Sometimes P/N (negative) is replaced with P/M (plus/minus).

I believe currently it is hardcoded to P/N or +/- (but not mixed!). That’s generally consistent with other packages, so it mostly works.

From my perspective, adding adjustable logic to associate nets as differential pairs is a fine addition, could absolutely be a feature request.

For me though, an additional option would be the ability to add “flags” to the schematic that allow for visually setting special design rules and other special features like differential pairs, regardless of net name. We use them as hacks for PWR_FLAG, but I feel like they could be more useful (in the style of Altium).

I don’t use or know about Altium, but that would be an interesting idea. Something like, let’s say PCB Layout Flags, like we have Power Flags, right? Right now I am keeping labels to communicate this feature. But having these Layout Flags would be better so we could have the DRC settings attached to them directly instead of using labels as I do.

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