Different track width in different fields

I think what is happening here is that when you continue an existing track, the width of the existing track will override the track width selection on the top left.

Nice screenshot.

Why did you draw those ugly arrows over it?

The top left width is a general width setting (and can be overridden by the “use existing track width” icon, wich is enabled in your picture), the value in the statusbar is the real used width.

To spread these two values at opposite positions on the screen is not a real good UI decision (after 2 1/2 years with kicad I still get regularly biten by these separation), but I have no real better idea (apart from recommending the eagle solution - which was more predictable for the user, but can’t be implemented in kicad due to already used modifier keys).

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Thanks. Yes, you are right. Thanks for describing the behavior of the UI.