Different size sheets is havoC on custom made title block

Editing and creating a work sheet.

I am trying to put my own title block on a worksheet. All well and good on A4 until I want an A2 version, then the thing falls apart. I take it this is what the settings for lines about from certain corners was about. Can I edit this now, or do I start again ?

So i have just adjusted the whole thing for an A2 sheet and now the A4 sheet is screwed. So basically does this mean that the user has no choice but to put the title block on the right ???

Right so while my block defaults to the right, the coordinates start from the left ! how clever, so now that I accept my title block must be referenced off the right corner or it just falls off the right sight all my measurements come from the oposite corner, hlow flipping clever. So which side is the origin ???

Please file a bug report for this usability issue.

How do I do that ?

Actually the origin is locked to the top left corner, the one that is rarely used by anyone. Yet the creation of lines mandates that I enter coordinates that are now pointless when it would be easier to just draw the lines by hand as the coordinates are useless

… you might try to pace yourself a bit and calm down if stuff doesn’t work as you expect it.
Less ‘?’ would be nice…
Maybe then you would have noticed the circled button in the top row (BZR6097, dunno if 4.0.0 RC1 still has that), which allows you to set the origin for the template:

you are correct, very sorry. Although I would suggest it is actually labelled as origin

Although it does not exaplain why when I change sheet size the block is always referenced to the right and not left

You see the ‘origin’ labeled selector fields to the right of the coordinates of the rectangle I selected there?
They set the references for the coordinates to their left.
The button at the top is similar to the [space] behavior in eeschema or pcbnew… it sets your reference coord measurements for the 2nd set in the bottom info line of that window…
Way more interesting for me is the reaction of different elements (rects, lines, text) to the repeat parameters… rectangles seem to resize and multiply where as lines or text seems to multiply linearily.
If you want to influence the set off of the paper and the page check under general options.