Different PCBs in one panel. Is it possible?

I found only old posts and not clue if they’re still valid.
However my question is the following (included the situation description):

By making microphones, I often need to design several circuits.
Each PCB is different form the other. Each PCB is belonging to a specific schematic.

Generally speaking, the PCB number is from 2 to 5 (depending from the model)

For the time being, I’m sending files form each project to the manufacturer. It means from 2 to 5 uploads each time, by entering always the data for each upload. Yes sometimes it’s occurred that I’ve made some mistake by choosing some parameter (like the thickness or the color or something else) and I had to reorder the whole stuff.

Here my question: I would like to send to the manufacturer only a panel with all the PCBs inside it.
So I can make only one upload and I’m sure the parameters I set up, are identical for che whole project. So I can diminish the probability to make mistakes due the repetitivity of actions.

Is that possible within KiCAD so far?
If yes, how?

Thank you in advance

Yes you can get software tools to panelize (that’s the keyword you need to search on) homogeneous or heterogeneous collections of boards. Some work on Gerbers and are independent of the EDA software.

But you also have to think about how you are going to split up the panel. Techniques like slots and mousebites, or V-cuts are used. But the fab will probably charge extra for those.

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Indeed, “panelize” is the keyword to search for. Panelization is not supported directly by KiCad, but there are various ways to work around that. If you type “panelize” in the plugin and content manager, then it already finds two options. (but there are more / other options too).

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Yes, you can do this wit KiKit. But as soon as you want to panelize different boards, you have to use the Python API and script something. It is doable, I did it a while ago, but it needs some tinkering