Different pcb layouts based on the same netlist/schematic

I would like to design different pcb layouts for the same netlist.
When I open pcbnew through through the kicad project overview, I do not have a “save as” option.
My current workaround: I open pcbnew directly (not through Kicad’s project overview) and import the netlist from original project. In this situation, pcbnew offers the option “save as”.

Thanks for your help in advance & cheers

Agree, would be useful for me too - for example creating an SMT-assembled version and a Solder-it-yourself kit of the same project.

Am keeping an eye on this post.

You can also change the file name of your layout in the project overview window. You can access the renamed layout by double-clicking the file in the project explorer, and you can create a new layout with the existing project name by clicking on the “Start pcbnew” button.