Different net classes per net (or something similar)

I have a scenario where I would like to route tracks with a specific width and clearance however the pads on the connector these tracks connect to have a smaller width and spacing than the tracks. I therefore get DRC errors when I try to route them into the connector. Is there anyway around this ?

Different netclasses for a net are not supported. I assume you did neck-down and still get the errors? Maybe define a rule area, name it and write custom DRC rules utilizing that name?

The good solution was already mentioned by @straubm

The simple solution: just acknowledge and/or ignore these DRC-errors.

Depends on the number of violations. If there are many that’s awkward and possibly significant other DRC errors ‘drown’ in the list.


Thank you. I will look into that.

You can make a Custom Shaped Pad (by drawing it) or, make one using Kicad’s Pad geometry-ability… Example below shows using Trapezoid with narrow (0.5mm) connecting Trace and Wider Trace (1.6mm attached to it…).

You can replace Pads on the Parts you want - either in the PCB or in the Footprint (so you need do it only once, then use the Footprint)

First Pad does Not have the narrow (0.5mm trace)

Good idea. However the part I am using has reasonably tight tolerances so I am hesitant to modify pads

What I have been doing with this problem is placing jumpers on the schematic, which allows me to break up the net into two nets and their netclasses. I then route and then remove the jumpers when I’m done. Not ideal, but gives me some speed routing and peace of mind (which is how I found this thread, looking for better methods).

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