Differences between each of the home-brew taps

Hi there,

I’m new to kicad and recently downloaded it for a university assignment. (This is the first time I’ve done any PCB design stuff).

I had installed it from the prebuilt binary on the main website’s downloads section and now I think I would like to reinstall it using a package manager (homebrew).

While there a lot of taps out there, two have caught my eye:

  1. The cask supplied from the offical website (I think)
    It can be found using brew cask info kicad.

  2. A tap from a user’s github

I would like to know which is the better to go with.

I would like to use the most up to date software but the most stable version, so the cask route would be suitable for this.

However the github tap states that it comes with libraries, which I would like as well.

I was under the impression the offical release came with a bunch of libraries already installed so I’m a little bit confused.

So I would like to ask which would be the better choice?

Since the github tap is a user and not the organization I’m a bit weary about it.
Please tell me if you think there’s a better tap out there!