Difference between ".KiCad_mod" and ".mod" files

Hi Experts,
On Wikibooks.org (Internet), I found an interesting E-Book article on “Kicad/File formats”. To start with the article explains what all file endings mean in Kicad. Among other it states:

** Files that end in “.kicad_mod”, typically in folders with names that end in “.pretty”, are the 2014(?) version of modules (a KiCad “module” is called a “footprint” or a “decal” in other CAD software), one footprint per file, lots of files in the entire “.pretty” library.*

** Files that end in “.mod” are module libraries (a KiCad “module” is called a “footprint” or a “decal” in other CAD software)*

As I understand it, it means that both “.Kicad_Mod” and “.mod” file endings represent footprint files only that the “.Kicad_mod” file ending was used in older Kicad versions 2014(?). Consequently, “.mod” ending is the current file ending for Kicad footprint files.

Is this understanding correct?
Kindly confirm or correct it.
Also, can footprint files with “.kicad_mod” ending can still be used with newer Kicad versions (say 5.1.7) ?

Thanks for clarification in advance.
Best regards

The other way round: .kicad_mod is the current format and .mod is legacy (we could say deprecated).

Furthermore, pre-V4 .mod is a library containing one or several footprints (modules).

Now a library is a .pretty folder containing at least one .kicad_mod files, being each .kicad_mod file a single footprint.


Many thanks, pedro for the quick clarification.
Now I can clean up my footprint library.
Best regards

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