Difference between "cut" & "delete" [Solved]

Right clicking mouse on a symbol in a personal library brings up a selection which includes “cut” and “delete”.

Can someone please explain the difference?

Also, same thing for footprints in PCB.

First guess is that “cut” puts it on the clipboard, so you can paste it somewhere else.

I’m assuming you’re doing this in the footprint editor, which doubles as a library management tool, but I’m not in the mood to act upon that assumption to check if this is really the case.

First guess was correct.

Never thought about cutting and pasting in the symbol and footprint editors before: always used “save as”.
Amazing what one can learn in a in a library clean-up session on a late Sunday afternoon. :astonished:

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It’s same distinction between delete and cut in other editors. These bindings seem to be common: ^z = undo, ^x = cut, ^c = copy, ^v = paste, ^s = save, DEL = delete.

Yeah, just brain fade after spending the sunny afternoon mowing the lawns and weeding.
Never used it in those editors, and missed the “paste”.

Feel pretty silly :blush:

Hmm, what kind of weed? :wink:

Understandable thoughts for the dumb question posed by the OP :crazy_face:

And now I have somehow killed 5.99. It won’t even open a file anymore.

Might go do some more weeding while I download a new 5.99 :upside_down_face:

Sheeeesh, having a great evening!!!

Just noticed there is a 5.1.11 to download as well.

Maybe I’ll be able to kill the whole computer this time. :grimacing: