Diff pair routing wont snap to pad centres and continue

POST SCRIPT : In the process of describing this, I worked out how to make the tool do what I needed
The lack of being about to walk back the diff pair during placement is probably the silver bullet.

original. how I imported it :
I cleaned off the traces and attempted to re route it
but it would not branch out to the two pads each side.
if I stopped and started again from the pads I was trying to get to, it would pick them up.
HMMMM I can see it wants ot only do 45 deg segments… rightio
in that case I will start the branch to the other pad earlier:
alas it took a less than ideal departure from the pads. Not sure why.
If I click a couple of times on the pad as I route, it comes out the sides

SO this is workable but a bit slow. I think the main productivity issue right now with Diff traces is the need to be able to walk back with the BACK key which cant be done right now. so you get stuck and have to exit routing and UNDO. that is the subject of a separate post. Altium gets a bit clever here, you can control two things 1) the segment angles so they are no confined to 0/45/90, and in another case where you do confine, the tool will walk- back the traces so it can do it.