Diagnostic Python script

It seems to me that a lot of posts are about problems with libraries, footprints, and so forth. Usually the response is a list of FAQs, and please post version info if they haven’t already.

Perhaps there should be a diagnostic Python script people can run as a first step that will print out the info, perform checks on paths, permissions and so forth. Then if the problem hasn’t been pinpointed, they can seek help, posting the results of the check. A lot of FOSS packages have such a script to do post-installation checks to make sure the environment is correct. New checks can be added with time.

Edit: Part of the problem is that the libraries, particularly the 3D libraries on account of size, are separate packages in most (all?) distributions, so there is no guarantee that the entire suite has been installed intact, unlike many other FOSS packages. Throw in a mix of older versions of the software, libraries and projects and this gives rise to the typical posts.

Thinking of the maxim: if you are repetitively doing something, try to automate it.

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