DFX file making


Hi have now made my PCB and I have used the rout function to make DFX files but these are missing info.

My DFX files have the component pads and holes but not the NET rout to join these.

Any ideas on where I went wrong please?

Thanks M)VLK


We need more info.

What is ‘rout function’?

Also, what do you want to do with the DXF files?

PS: ‘have now made my PCB’ for most of us here means, that you got a board in your hands. If you finished the drawing to be able to produce a board, we are talking of a finished Layout.
The final step then usually involves plotting the Gerber files (universal interchange format) and sending them to a board house, so they can make your boards.


Thanks for the reply.

I am very new at the KiCad application so using the tutorial I have made the full project.

A number of problems, I’m sure are my fault, have come up.

One main one is the adding of the nets, Still cannot put these in so when I use the design rule check and report function, I get no green arrows. I have, very time consumenly, added each component to the schematic and board on the grid but still the nets do not always link both ends, Not usre if this is part of the final problem?

The other main problem is that I am milling my own boards. I need a NC type file but KiCad gives GenCad, or Gerber, files. I then need to convert these to DXF and then to CN.

As you can see lots of changing and as I am using free software they are not always fully functional. I then loose some detail.

If you have any ideas on either how to better exprt these files or other types of either free or cheep software please let me know.

Again many thanks for the time to respond to my problem M0VLK


I believe most milling software can accept Gerber, and then does the pathway derivation from there.
ie The user should not need to manually create a special middle format, tho I could see DXF being useful as a path-check.

With today’s free and good gerber viewers, I’d probably prefer a Gerber check plot, as that has better visual width/end handling than DXF.


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