Design Rules Checker (DRC) Mac OS Bug Ignorance?

A few months back I reported (in this forum) a problem with the DRC in Mac OS, which behaves as when clicking the error arrows the DRC window pops down under the checked PCB or schematics window, which makes DRC a true mess. Will this be fixed or not? It worked very well in Kicad 6, as mentioned earlier. I have tested every “nightly” builds since then and today I tested 7.05 (“stable”) and nothing in this topic has changed. Is it not fixable?

Give the relevant link(s), I’m not going to do any search.

The gitlab-issue is clicking on drc-marker hides drc-dialog behind board-window (macos?) (#14356) · Issues · KiCad / KiCad Source Code / kicad · GitLab and yes, there is no fix for this bug until now.

I have added a new version-tag to the issue, as the gitlab-bot didn’t automatically added a version to that issue (as the bot normally does). Maybe that helps to give the issue more visibility.

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Thanks, let us hope this will help.

I just move the DRC dialog to the other screen. But this might no be an option for everybody.

Yea, could be something if 2 monitors is used, I only use 1 and this was not an issue in KiCad 6.0x (with the same MacOS).

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