Design Rule Editor 5.1.5

I’m following a course that is using 5.1.0 and updated to Jan 2020. I, however, am using 5.1.5. It seems there is quite a difference in layout between the two versions when it comes to the Design Rules Editor which is now accessed through File->Board Setup.However, this doesn’t bring me to the Design Rules Editor though it does have similar features. I have load the net but I cant find out how to a) see the netlist b)assign a new ‘Power’ net with different track widths. Thanks in advance

Are you sure about the versions? All 5.1.x versions should be similar because each “x” there is only a bugfix release, no new features or no UI changes except for bugfixes.

You seem to have opened both standalone Pcbnew (the layout editor) and KiCad project. That can be seen in the windows taskbar. But the project seems to be the active window. The course probably uses only a project and not a standalone layout. Make sure you are doing it correctly.

They’re using Ubuntu and the layout of that front page seems to be different. This is what theirs looks like.

That may be version 5.0.

The nets should be available for you if you have followed the normal workflow:

  • attached the footprints to symbols in eeschema
  • used Update PCB from Schematic

Yes, I was doing something wrong as far as Update PCB and ‘saving’. Suddenly the nets appeared. Seems that this stage is different in Windows than Ubuntu. I had to assign Power tracks too, which is different compared to the course. Only taken about 3 hours to get past two minutes of the course :flushed:.
Many thanks

There shouldn’t be any difference. But it’s only natural that someone does something wrong in the first time and doesn’t remember how exactly did it. You’ll be fine after a couple of projects and the time invested isn’t wasted.

The screenshot from post #4 indeed triggers a memory from some older version.

The Net Classes window from your first screenshot does have everything you need though to create new net classes and assign them to nets.

Start by clicking on the image to make a few new net classes.

Then change some of the parameters in the spreadsheet layout so the classes have different values. Once you’ve got a few net classes, you can assign them to nets in a few different ways.

The simplest is to click on the 2nd column of the spreadsheet like table in the lower right corner. It opens a dropdown box, to select between existing net classes:

For changing multiple nets at once, you can first apply a filter with:
This filter determines which nets are shown in the table on the right side.

Just below the Filter Nets is an area to Assign Net Class

And it does just that. You can assign a net class, and then apply that net class to either all the nets that are listed in the table on the right, or you can [Shift + Click] in the table on the right to select some nets and then apply the netclass change to only the selected nets.

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