Design rule check says unconnected

I made my top CU layer as 5 V and bottom CU as GND. My understanding was that I dont need to connect all the GND pins on my board as they will be connect to the bottom side of the board.

But for some reason, that’s not the case this time. The DRC made me connect a few of the GND pins (Not all) and few of the 5V pins (Not all). Not sure why?

I still obliged and went with it. But not the DRC is saying that I should connect 2 points on the board which are not pins or anything. Not sure why. I have attached few screenshots of the DRC “Unconnected error”.

Could someone please shed some light on this issue?

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The zone island on the left end of the ratsnest does not seem to have a connection to the rest of the GND net. (unless the partially shown pad 4 has a connection towards “north”)

The other 3 shown islands mgiht also have a problem but i can not see enough to say anything definitive.

To be honest the small area i can see looks as if you might want to invest a bit more time into component placement as the traces seem to be all over the place. (and gnd is very segmented as a result which will negatively impact EMC behavior)

Thank you. I connected few 5V and GND pads on different segments of the top and bottom layer. Not the DRC doesn’t list those errors any more.

Doesnt seems efficient when I have to make a redundant connection. Is there any other way to avoid this kinda scenario?

I have no idea what you mean by that. A screenshot might help or try rewording it.


Agreed on your point.

Redundant conection is never required in Kicad. Every pad must be connected to its net only once. And the net must be unique. If there are 2 islands of the same net, Kicad will want a connection between them.

My guess is that @Rovitracker has a different understanding of “redundant” connection. (There is for example the possibility of assuming that GND connections made externally do not need to be connected on the PCB. If this statement holds highly depends on circumstance, so we need more data to give any meaningful advice.)

I was hoping I could connect all the GND pins to the bottom layer. Don’t have to route them to another GND pin. But as you said, there were breaks in my zones which required me to connect a few other GND pins to other GND pins.

Anyhow. Thank you all for your help.

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