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Hi there
I do the tutoriaI and I am a newbe to KiCAD. After I have created my private footprint library as in the tutorial without description I now look for changeing the descritpion. I do not find a way to change the description . Is there a easy way or do I have to hack the HTML files?
Regards, Harald

From the Project view, Preferences > Manage Footprint Libraries find row with your library and edit the description field. Similarly for Symbol Libraries.

In the SYMBOL Editor it works like this but in FOOTPRINT the description field is not updated after changing the description like this. The dialog is immediatly dismissed. In the SYMBOL editor not. Takes linger and is successful.
Regards, Harald

Dunno, worked for me. If you are desperate you could edit the fp-lib-table and sym-lib-table files in your config directory and change the descr field, being careful not to change the syntax. The lines in mine look like:

(lib (name Cat)(type KiCad)(uri /home/cat/lib/kicad/Cat/Cat.pretty)(options “”)(descr “My footprint library”))


(lib (name Cat)(type Legacy)(uri /home/cat/lib/kicad/Cat/Cat.lib)(options “”)(descr “My symbol library”))

It’s a Linux system so your file paths may look different.

Edit: I see you are editing project specific libraries, I have only global libraries, though I don’t think it should matter. Also this X: drive, is it a network drive? I don’t know if it matters.

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