Derive symbol and also derive attribute fields

Hello users of Kicad,

I am trying to get my head around the derivative symbol function. At first I avoided that feature but after I decided to slightly change text field positioning in my libraries, doing that manually for hundreds of passive parts suddenly I understood the power of that feature :slight_smile:

I only work with that is in Kicad jargon called ‘atomic’ parts.
In order to have ‘atomic’ parts the attributes are important. I have had too many libraries with other ECAD systems that had stupid text cOnsistency errors wich produces unclean BoM’s. So I want to copy or have an automated template.
But unfortunatly, my fields are they are not copied when driving a symbol. I have read in other topics that you can make some kind of template:

I did this, but nothing changed when I derived the symbol :frowning:
Also on that settings page I cant seem to change the other parameters like alignment and size

This is how my attributes for a part look like:

When I derive, this is what happens:

So no fields, and only the description is copied.

Ideally, this is how I would like to have the part generate when it is derived:

Is there any possible way to make components generate like this when derived?
Thanks in advance for any input

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