Deleting only unlocked vias

Is there a way in V7 or V8 or with a plug-in to delete only unlocked vias? I would like to delete all tracks and vias to prepare for a new layout, but I have lots of locked vias that must not be deleted.

I’ve seen solutions to this problem that reference menu selections that are no longer available.

I delete them manually now, but it is cumbersome.

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Off the top of my head, but see if this works. In the selection filter choose only vias and tracks, and not choose locked items. Ctrl-A to select everything which should get only unlocked vias, then right click and run Delete action.

Normally Edit > Global deletions can delete all tracks and vias but there doesn’t seem to be a choice to exclude locked vias whereas there is for locked tracks. Maybe it’s in v8.

There needs to be a selection filter toolbar or panel so that different types of objects can be specified to be selected/deselected (toggle) (or not) . Yes, there is for tracks, but not other objects.
Like, try putting vias down on the inside perimeter pad of a mounting hole , and then try and move the pad only, not the vias. When you encompass a box on the pad to move it it includes all the vias, you need to one by one move the vias (or deselect them one by one with ctl-shift) . …You cannot deselect the vias, or you cannot select the pad only .(well not that I have found) … Same with the magnetic snapping- (this I discussed elsewhere)- needs to be on a toolbar or panel for quick access, not 4 mouse clicks. (along with ability to pause routeing/ via placement and move the mouse to the panel or toolbar without dragging the track across the screen).

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So what is this?


Where is it ??? , I dont have that… never seen it !

Bottom right. Possibly your window is too narrow or too short. Happened to other people that way.

mmm. Do I need to enable it in menu- VIEW ? there isnt any entry for it there.
{resumably kicad stores its window settings somewhere I will take a look at that.)

I found this under Thunderbird on a different monitor

OK so I dragged it and docked it on the RHS now it shows :slight_smile:
thanks for that

Welcome @RWH

Using the Selection Filter posted by @retiredfeline above, ONLY tick Vias.
Create a Left to Right or Right to Left Selection Box, over the entire area containing the unlocked Vias, with your Mouse.
Press Delete Key.

Repeat with the Selection Filter ticked for Tracks, or include Tracks with Vias in the one delete.

If you exterminate too much, there is a “back a step” (circular arrow) button up top.

I don’t find that selection box in V7 or V8. Where is it?

The problem begs for another button in the global track and via deletion to exclude locked vias.

A selection box is created with a mouse. Maybe you know it as something else.

Press and hold Left Mouse Button down. Move mouse diagonally with Left Mouse Button held down.
This forms a rectangle. Release Left Mouse Button. Everything in that created rectangle is now selected BUT because you only have vias ticked in the Selection Filter, only vias are selected.

Left to right creation is different to right to left creation, but in this instance (vias) it does not matter.

If you mean selection filter panel see my answer above. Check if there are any scrollbars you need to use to see controls off screen.

Ah, maybe more confusion.

This is the Selection Filter (as discussed by @retiredfeline )

The Selection Box is created with the mouse

Ah! I see! That works perfectly! Thank you so much.