Delete Project from project tree - 2

I have deleted an old test project from its home directory (MacOS Documents). But, now, there appears to be no way to remove the corresponding entry in the project tree. What to do?

Thank you
Jim Wagner
Oregon Research Electronics

Do you mean the recently opened projects? If you open other projects enough times it will eventually drop off the list.


I am just starting and it it was an eary attempt at following the tutorial. Had to quit and am now coming back to start over, That “failed” attempt staring at me me all the time just annoyed me a bit. It is only one of two, so its not taking a lot of space. Seems odd that there is no way of getting rid of an orphan project.

Hmmm, juste noticed that after creating a new tutorial project, that old one is gone. So, it appears to have cleared that empty project. No problem, after all! Sorry for the noise.

Appreciate your response!

The references to the projects are stored in ~/Library/Preferences/kicad/kicad Its a simple text file - edit / expunge / reorder the previous project section as you like.

Thanks, John,

Good to know!


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