Delete key in Mac OS

I have tried to map the back button to delete and it does not work. Every time I have to delete a symbol in Eeschema, I have to do right-click and use the menu. Very unfriendly and un-intuitive. Is there a way to get a key to do ‘delete’?

Which delete key are you using specifically? The Mac keyboard I have has two.

The one that’s below the eject key does nothing.

The one below the ‘fn’ key is the one I use when I want to delete an object in KiCAD.

Het, thanks for the reply! I’m not sure which one is the other delete key, I have nothing underneath fn. It’s an old Macbook. Interestingly every other software supports the back key as delete, I wonder why Kicad is the exception.

The delete key in question that works is the one that deletes to the RIGHT of the cursor.

Try fn + backspace or Ctrl-D.

None of them work. Is there a way to assign a key to delete in kicad at all? Incredibly lame, just remembered why I stopped using kicad. I appreciate your help, @Meterman2026!

‘Fn’ and ‘Delete’ pressed together on my MacBook works fine.

To echo @John_Pateman, ‘Fn’ + ‘Delete’ works on my MacBook Pro. I would note this is more of a Mac keymap thing, I have to use Fn+Del in other programs besides Kicad also.

I do not have ‘delete’ key. Is that the backspace key?

On many Apple laptop keyboards, there is only a backspace key, and confusingly, this backspace key is lableled Delete.

On more “standard” keyboards, there is a backspace key labeled Backspace or equivalent, and a separate “forward delete” key usually labeled Del.

Apple’s decision to label their backspace key Delete when it is not the same key as the Del key found on most other keyboards is an endless source of confusion…

Anyway, As others have said, Fn+Delete (which is the Apple shortcut for forward delete, same as Del key on standard keyboards) should do the trick on those Apple keyboards that have no Del key.

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