Delete fields from 'Edit symbol fields' window

while trying to find a worflow to create and edit the BOM for my first big project I encountered an issue.
Specifically, I came across the Kifield plugin, and in using it I created an external CSV file with all the fields I need, and then imported it with Kifield into the project.

The problem is that now I have, for reasons that I don’t know yet, two fields named ‘Value’, see screenshot below:

Naturally I tried to delete one, but there is no option available as far as I can see, only thing I can do is add a field with the button on the bottom left and manually delete cells by selecting and pressing delete on the keyboard.

My questions are, is there a way to delete an entire field (column) from that window? (or somewhere else in kicad)
Given that its a standard field for symbols, is kicad duplicating that column because, in the csv file, I have to use some kind of string like ‘%value’ instead of just ‘value’ to identify that column?

Still using kicad 5.1.10.