`del` changed recently?

updated to a recent nightly, delete key on a track does not work as I’m used to (previously if used on a dangling track would remove everything up to the next pad/branch, now only removes a single segment).

is there a way to get that behavior back?

I think this is a bug. Hotkeys in preferences says Back is “delete last point”, Del is “delete full track”. But Back does nothing, Del deletes one segment.

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back to why launchpad sucks ass… this one annoys me enough I decided to register and report it, but when I try to verify my address, the link I got sends me to an error page.

There is this existing report on the deleting tracks: https://bugs.launchpad.net/kicad/+bug/1688074

Does this sound like what you are seeing?

nope, almost the opposite - I can’t delete more than a single segment. maybe an overeager fix to that bug happened though…

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