Defining top or bottom layer for components in schematic


Is it possible to define if a component is to be placed on top or bottom of a pcb? I am making a project where I need to place some components on top and some on the bottom of the PCB. If I can define it at schematic stage, it would be easier for me. I am using ver. 4.0.7.

Arvind Gupta.

This can be only defined at a layout stage.
The schematic level does not represent any information on physical layout.
However you can define mirror footprint that exist on bottom layer and assign it to a particular EESCHEMA symbol. This way some components will be physically located on BOTTOM, but PCBNEW will still list them on TOP layer e.g. for PICK&PLACE output.


Arvind Gupta

Version 4 is no longer supported. The current version is 5.1.5.
I suggest updating but you might want to read these first:

I know that. But this is an old project where I had used several libraries placed in different locations. Also, I dont remember several thing in the project. Hence will not like to roll up for this particular project. Going ahead, I will definitely give ver 5 a try. Pls. see if you can keep answering my basic queries pls.

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