Defining hole sizes for components

I have successfully designed my first PCB. In looking at the Excellon drill files I notice that the hole sizes are correlated to specific components. That implies that the place to define the hole sizes is at the component level, perhaps at the footprint level of the component. Can someone direct me to the place (I guess the window) where one can edit the parameters of a component to specify hole sizes or edit existing hole size data? I do not want anyone to do this for me because need to do this myself as a part of the learning process but I just do not know where to look to find the hole size data that I can edit.

The hole sizes are defined at each pad within each footprint. Refer to this FAQ/tutorial and you should get the information you need:

Also, see this recent thread post for a brief getting started with KiCad list of curated FAQ entries for helping wrap your mind around how KiCad works and the workflow that KiCad was designed around:

Thank you. Issue resolved. You pointed me to exactly the right place. Once I learn the graphics components of footprint editing and creation I will be fully able to edit/generate my own.

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