Default settings in Kicad


Is there a way, or plans for the future versions to save defaults once for all?
The problem I have right now is that everytime I start a new board, I have to re-enter the default
trace widths I use, the default via size and drills, then when I save I always get an error message
saying that I try to use smaller traces than the minimal, etc, etc…
When adding a copper fill area, same thing, it always begins with default values I never use,
and I have to re enter my own settings over and over again.
I noticed that I can import settings which is fine, but how about making it automatically.
A kind of .kicadrc would be fine.
Is there a way to setup default values forever, or at least valid until the next change?



That is what templates are there for.

A template can store the board setup, drc, even parts of a project that you reuse quite often.

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