Default Project Template KiCad 4/5


as I’m on my way to make KiCad 4 and 5 working in parallel, I tried to modify the path to the default project template file

KiCad 4
By default, this is the file /usr/share/kicad/template/
with the default environment variable KICAD_PTEMPLATES=/usr/share/kicad/template/

Now I tried to set the KICAD_PTEMPLATES to a different path, which contains a file, which is explicitly for KiCad 4. But it seems, that the variable only defines, where template projects can be found. KiCad 4 allways looks in that fixed path (/usr/share/kicad/template/ for the default project template, which is not, what I expected.

KiCad 5
With KiCad 5, the situation is the same. As stated in the KiCad blog, the default file must not contain any libraries, when used for KiCad 5: (paragraph 3)

We have here another conflict between the versions 4 and 5.

I’ll report a bug…

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Until this will be fixed: Using template projects, which are in the path of KICAD_PTEMPLATES

as mentioned by @eelik, there seems to be some progress:

I’m very happy, that my concerns and bugreports are taken seriously. Thats’s my feeling for every bug I’ve reported regarding KiCad 5. Great work!

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