Default library path in copy of project folder

I have copies of one project in multiple development versions with minor changes. I have a problem with library paths - when I create a copy of a working project (no drc errors, 3d models of components are etc) then in this copy I have a persistent error of missing “}” in the library path. What is it about ? Kicad 7.0 has a problem with the KIPRJMOD variable? Should it update automatically or do I have to always do it manually when I make a copy of the project folder?

If I was working on only one version of the project, it probably wouldn’t be a problem, but I make corrections and separate such “new” versions into separate directories, and that’s the problem. Maybe it’s time to add version control functionality to kicad?

Archive your project with the right parts of the library… Or you can add a line to the global library… There is also an opportunity to add only to the project

Are you sure you didn’t make a typo like using ) instead of } in the project specific library table? Look at sym-lib-table or fp-lib-table with a text editor.

I don’t enter the path from the keyboard - I always point the mouse to the location of the directory, maybe it’s a kicad bug?

Well you’ll have to post an archive of a minimal project that demonstrates the bug then.

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