Default grid settings

is there a default grid setting for kicad symbol editor/shematic editor?

2nd. how do I turn off the ERC warnings for not being on the grid.

Grid settings seem to be global, and not project specific, so they stay at your last setting even if you switch projects.

Don’t. At lest all pins of all symbols should be on a 50mil grid. Do not attempt to change this or use another grid in symbols for KiCad. Other things such as graphic lines and texts can be placed off grid.

What are the exact ERC messages you get? Are they for pins or for other items?

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thanks, I started out with snapping to the grid stopped working. After reading some, I figured I could change the grid setting and it started working again, but forget what it was originally set to. Next time I checked I get all these grid warning because nothing was on the grid any longer.

50 mil is 1.27mm. I will keep it there.

+1 to what paulvdh replied.
Set your system to mils (left screen edge).
Symbols are limited to having pin ends on a 100-mil grid (according to KLC), but 50 mils is comfortable for drawing nice schematics.
Right-click somewhere in your editor and select “Grid”

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so many things to figure out.

One thing I found is consistency is very important. Try to pick a grid and stay with it. You can go to the drawing layer and make a note of the grid.
This becomes more important when you make your own footprint. It must be the same as your main project or double or quadruple etc.

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Remember that when you move an element like a label, pressing Ctrl temporarily disables the grid snapping and allows you smooth and free movement.
This means that for most of us, there is no need to ever change from the schematic 50 mil default


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