Default color scheme burn my eyes a lot. And idea color setting to share?


Here’s pcbnew color scheme as config file contents

ColorPCBLayer_F.Cu=rgb(221, 47, 44)
ColorPCBLayer_In1.Cu=rgb(106, 34, 3)
ColorPCBLayer_In2.Cu=rgb(182, 138, 0)
ColorPCBLayer_In3.Cu=rgb(103, 15, 60)
ColorPCBLayer_In4.Cu=rgb(45, 49, 121)
ColorPCBLayer_In5.Cu=rgb(33, 140, 211)
ColorPCBLayer_In6.Cu=rgb(16, 93, 88)
ColorPCBLayer_B.Cu=rgb(134, 154, 0)
ColorPCBLayer_B.Adhes=rgb(0, 182, 88)
ColorPCBLayer_F.Adhes=rgb(101, 255, 130)
ColorPCBLayer_B.Paste=rgb(38, 162, 153)
ColorPCBLayer_F.Paste=rgb(134, 224, 217)
ColorPCBLayer_B.SilkS=rgb(132, 149, 151)
ColorPCBLayer_F.SilkS=rgb(239, 233, 214)
ColorPCBLayer_B.Mask=rgb(212, 51, 131)
ColorPCBLayer_F.Mask=rgb(230, 135, 181)
ColorPCBLayer_Dwgs.User=rgb(253, 247, 228)
ColorPCBLayer_Cmts.User=rgb(88, 111, 118)
ColorPCBLayer_Eco1.User=rgb(99, 73, 4)
ColorPCBLayer_Eco2.User=rgb(120, 15, 12)
ColorPCBLayer_Edge.Cuts=rgb(207, 238, 0)
ColorPCBLayer_Margin=rgb(63, 74, 0)
ColorPCBLayer_B.CrtYd=rgb(204, 74, 15)
ColorPCBLayer_F.CrtYd=rgb(241, 155, 119)
ColorPCBLayer_B.Fab=rgb(182, 138, 0)
ColorPCBLayer_F.Fab=rgb(255, 219, 101)
ColorTxtFrontEx=rgb(194, 194, 194)
ColorTxtBackEx=rgb(0, 0, 132)
ColorTxtInvisEx=rgb(132, 132, 132)
ColorAnchorEx=rgb(0, 0, 132)
ColorPadBackEx=rgb(0, 132, 0)
ColorPadFrontEx=rgb(132, 0, 0)
ColorViaThruEx=rgb(194, 194, 194)
ColorViaBBlindEx=rgb(132, 132, 0)
ColorViaMicroEx=rgb(0, 132, 132)
ColorNonPlatedEx=rgb(194, 194, 0)
ColorRatsEx=rgb(255, 255, 255)

I still want to tweak a couple things, but this will do for now. Probably will see about including it with KiCad itself when we finally have a way to load color schemes from files.


@c4757p very big thx for the job. Her my wired color scheme in eeschema… I will test your pcbnew scheme right now :slight_smile:


@Zh4ng these also look good can u share the setting?


Here is my color scheme for eeschema. Not all Attributes have new colors yet.

ColorWireEx=rgb(131, 148, 150)
ColorBusEx=rgb(0, 0, 132)
ColorConnEx=rgb(131, 148, 150)
ColorLLabelEx=rgb(133, 153, 0)
ColorHLabelEx=rgb(132, 132, 0)
ColorGLabelEx=rgb(132, 0, 0)
ColorPinNumEx=rgb(238, 232, 213)
ColorPinNameEx=rgb(0, 132, 132)
ColorFieldEx=rgb(64, 128, 128)
ColorReferenceEx=rgb(38, 139, 210)
ColorValueEx=rgb(203, 75, 22)
ColorNoteEx=rgb(110, 123, 131)
ColorBodyEx=rgb(238, 232, 213)
ColorBodyBgEx=rgb(7, 54, 66)
ColorNetNameEx=rgb(132, 132, 132)
ColorPinEx=rgb(238, 232, 213)
ColorSheetEx=rgb(132, 0, 132)
ColorSheetFileNameEx=rgb(132, 132, 0)
ColorSheetNameEx=rgb(0, 132, 132)
ColorSheetLabelEx=rgb(132, 132, 0)
ColorNoConnectEx=rgb(0, 0, 132)
ColorErcWEx=rgb(0, 132, 0)
ColorErcEEx=rgb(132, 0, 0)
ColorGridEx=rgb(88, 110, 117)
ColorBgCanvasEx=rgb(0, 43, 54)


@Zh4ng and @c4757p thank you for your share setting.

Well guy I’ve problem,on windows kicad 4.0.6 I can’t use format like this:
ColorBgCanvasEx=rgb(0, 43, 54) not work but ColorBgCanvasEx=Black or other like Gray 1, Gray2 … is working.

When I use rgb(…) then it reset to White color or other it’s default. It just like this format not valid. Any solution?


It’s probably in the nightlies only (beta testing versions for non-developers) until v5 comes out. v4.xx versions are bugfixes without feature additions since v4 came out.


Can confirm this. This is an upcoming feature that will be present in 5.0, and you can use it in development builds as well.

Usual disclaimer for development builds applies: they’re for testing and preview only. Development builds contain features that aren’t finished yet. They’re buggy and may make demons fly out your nose. There is at least one known bug already with this very feature, in fact.


I see I’ll find some pc to test it anyway.
Meanwhile look forward to see this new theme-color setting feature :relaxed:


I don’t want to highjack this thread, but in the nightlies is it also possible to change the attribute text colours along the bottom of the window?

By that I mean (in eeschema): Reference, Value, Component etc that show along the bottom of the application window whenever you select an item.

I use Ubuntu with a dark theme (that is, a dark GTK theme). This means that the window elements are dark, so the dark coloured text is difficult to read (see image).

I can’t find any way to change these colours, unfortunately the “colour scheme” settings don’t seem to have options for them. Any other places I could look?



That is not possible, no.


Okay thanks, I’ll add a feature request.


Sorry but i am blind :confused: Where can i change the color of the frame in eeschema and pcbnew or what’s the value in the configs?

thx Zh4ng


Oddly, that one actually isn’t configurable at the moment, I don’t think…


Sad :cry: I will have to way until it is configurable… Thx


So I was wondering whether there is any inclination from the developers for a theme selector in the colour section for eeschema? I’m not adverse to editing text files, but if there are useful profiles of colours already tested by people, it would be nice to have a couple of sensible themes to choose from. I know the colour picker gives infinite choice to people, but it might be nice to just choose a theme that someone else has already spent the time playing with to get the many colours correct.


Not currently, but might show up in the future. If you look here, you’ll see a newly active dev is planning on working on it.

EDIT: More helpful this time: For now you can copy/paste colors someone else makes into your .config/kicad/{eeschema,pcbnew} files. Copy this ( over the same settings in the eeschema file and this ( into pcbnew for a gruvbox-based scheme.


how can i change the UI from the white into the black theme in windows and the color schema ? Like Justyn shows in the picture in the post of 18.Mar

Or on a raspbian jessy linux?
I searched for the ~/.config/kicad folder, but there is no folder named kicad…


FYI, I’m still planning on a color themes feature but it didn’t make it into 5.0 feature freeze. Follow this issue if you’re interested:


I created a repo to share color schemes and to have some general overview over them:

For the moment, it only contains the KiCad default scheme, as well as some initial version of and a simple black/white theme.

You are welcome to improve my interpretation of solarized, as well as to share your own color schemes.