Dead Links on KiCad 3D Models

Hello together,

im a newbie to KiCad and started with downloading KiCad v5 and all Libraries, a few 3D Models links are dead:

  • Converters_DCDC_ACDC
  • Fuse_Holders_and_Fuses
  • MountingHole
  • Package_SOIC
  • Package_SSOP
  • Sensors


They are not dead, they are sleeping :wink: They will wake up when someone donates the corresponding 3D models to the official libraries.


Ah, ok, thanks :smile:

You do see some 3D models?

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Actually some of the namings are broken in my setup. 3D models do exist, but footprint libraries point to different folders. I’m not sure this is because I’ve switched to PPA and Ubuntu core repos back and forth but right now I’m living with this.

I just need some time to investigate and commit a fix (or report a bug), which will be very soon, I guess.

This sounds like a mixed version 4 / version 5 library setup I had KiCad 4 installed previosly. Now i updated to v5. Now i have some problems with the library setup

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Could be. As far as remember, I’ve cleaned up everything and installed again to avoid such problems, but again, this is a critical issue, which should be seen by the developers very quickly. So the problem should be my setup.

Your personal library table is not cleaned up by a new installation. Which means your setup might still point to github libs. This was on purpose as the lead devs do not like the installer touching user settings files. (No need to report a bug if this is the reason.)

I will hold my horses till I find a proper reason :slight_smile:

A quick check: Are any of your footprint libraries in plural form? If so then my hunch is correct and you still have version 4 libs.

Nope. They are singular and v5. I remember the structure of v4’s and lots of things changed since then. And I might crosschecked them with GitHub versions and looked similar. But like I said earlier, I’m not sure. Need to look at that in detail (will open the hood after finishing remaining two designs).

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