Database Libraries

Because I once made a remark in the “Database Libraries” topic on Gitlab, I got a mail on 2022-08-26 with the content:

Issue was closed by Jon Evans via commit ae6a2a6443a3855fb9fe58320a27b979812d51f0
Issue #7436:

Best as I know, this is a huge thing for KiCad (Although it’s not for me, I am “just” a hobby-level electronics guy). I am a bit surprised it was not added to:

Because it’s not quite ready for general use yet.

I had some suspicions something like that may be the cause.
But still, I think it’s a good thing to post it here to (hopefully) attract some more people who are interested in this and can help with testing and creating bug reports…

Right now, this feature is undocumented and I do not have time before feature freeze to provide documentation or support for it. So, I am not publicizing it widely because I do not want to attract testers except for those testers who can figure out how to use it by reading the code. Later, when it is more complete and better documented, it would be more useful to have testers.

EDIT: There is now documentation at Schematic Editor | master | English | Documentation | KiCad


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