Dashed lines on silkscreen?


I have a single component on the ‘bottom’ side of the board. I don’t need a bottom layer s/s or fab, but I would like to show the outline of the switch as a dashed line circle on the top s/s layer for reference. Editing a circle does not give any option for line style (dash, dash-dot, etc). I’m either missing something (as usual) or maybe this is just a fact of life? Can you manually ‘break’ the line into segments and delete every other one?

  • OpenGL
  • create an arc, note center coords and arc angle

  • select created arc and create circular array

It’s helpful that the amount of arcs + their angle with space you create vs the full circle angle sums up to the same number = 360 :wink:

PS: for absolute neerdiness - create this in the footprint and place it on the B.Silk layer :nerd:

PPS: disclaimer - this is a nightly version of KiCAD.


In 4.0.7, if the circle array is not available, you may be able to do something similar with KiCommand. Create a regular polygon with 16-32 segments, select and delete every other one. If you choose to go this route, post again and I can give specific instructions.


Thanks for the suggestions. I failed to say that at this point I am just creating the footprint for the switch, and so only have available those tools in the footprint editor. Of course the footprint should be created as a ‘normal’ part, with the customary silkscreen, fab, and other layers. The place to worry about the dashed line is in pcbnew, where it will be mirrored. I can then place any special silkscreen art as required. I can’t use arc circular array method because my computer is an old XP whose graphics card only support the default and Cairo. I know, past time to upgrade! Maybe a series of carefully placed arcs, or if all else fails I can just leave it as a solid circle.