Cvpcb picking footprint for scart and pin connectors

Hi all,

I have this in my schema :

I am looking for a footprint to associate with this, a female scart connector block! I don’t see one in my list in cvpcb, is there one that is suitable? If so - what is it named / categorised under. If there isn’t one, how do I ‘get’ one!

Additionally, I want pin headers as per my schema:

Ideally ones that allow simple jumper cables to connect to, what are their official names within kicad?

Pin_Headers in particular the ones with 2.54mm pitch.
So for your 13pin connector it will be for example Pin_Header_Straight_1x13_Pitch2.54mm if you use the version 4 libraries or PinHeader_1x13_P2.54mm_Vertical in the version 5 libraries.

There are also horizontal variants available and generic footprints for surface mount connectors. (The smd versions do not fit every possible smd pin header out there. Even if you use the generic through hole ones always check the footprint against the datasheet of your intented part as they might not be compatible with each other. Especially check the drill diameters against the pin sizes of your part. As some cheap variants have quite large tolerance ranges.)

For scart we don’t really have connectors in the official library. Look at your favorite distributor what you want to buy and create a footprint for that.

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Do you have any guides on how to create a footprint from a datasheet in kicad?

Appears to be in Spanish, any english version?

Sorry, I picked the French version.


and a few extra characters…

Not guides for how to make a footprint but still useful in your situation:

Also @Rene any tips on checking the footprint, for example looking at the Pin_Header_Straight_1x13_P2.54mm how can I tell drill size when looking at the footprint?, and easily identify overall dimensions?

Drill size is easy. Just look at the pad properties. For overall size i think the best option is the workflow i described in the link i gave above (using freecad)
Or you can use the measurement tool inside kicad but that one does not snap to line ends only to the grid. (So you might need to know a bit about the footprint to get a precise measurement. Example is it a metric one or an imperial one.)

Ok - i’ll try that. I am not sure why…but now when I click the - “view selected footprint” button the screen which opens up is always empty, it shows no footprint despite one being associated with the particular item.

Read the cvpcb section of this FAQ post: How can i assign a footprint to a symbol?

The preview in cvpcb is not for the footprint assigned but for the one you “select” in the rightmost column. Also this preview does not allow you to check anything of the footprint. (You can not even control which layers it shows)

Is this a kicad footprint for scart : ?

I am doing my best to avoid making my own footprints.

How can I install the above footprint if it is one, it’s not clear to me?

That may not be possible. Especially with connectors. Take the “same” connector from two different product lines from the same manufacturer, even if the electrical pin geometry is the same the mounting holes will be completely different. At some point you will have wasted more time trying to find just the right footprint than you would have spent designing your own. Even once you find the “right” footprint you need to verify that the actual connector (down to the model number) you plan on using is compatible.

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So I ended up git cloning that project, and then using the “edit footprint library” then Append with Wizard, to include the wcon-av.pretty project - and voila! It added it :smiley:

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