Cvpcb not showing files


I am having a little trouble with Cvpcb, when I open the program, all the libraries show in the left pane but nothing shows in the right pane, when I click on the library. All the file are there on my computer in the /usr/share/kicad/modules folders. I am using 4.06 stable version
I appreciate any help, thank you


Try some of the filter buttons in the top row…


I should have mentioned that, i have played with the filters, still have nothing
Thanks, Joan_Sparky


Hm… so if you activate ‘Filter Footprint List by Library’ nothing happens when you switch libraries in the left hand pane?

PS: I’m using a nightly version, dunno if you got all the other buttons as well.


Stable only has the first 3 buttons. The text filter is missing.