CvPcb footprint loading error


Hey guys,

Today, I got an error when trying to associate components with footprints,

Errors were encountered loading footprints:
PARSE_ERROR: Expecting ‘circle, rectangle, oval, or trapezoid’ in input/source ‘’ line 34 offset 14 from C:/Jenkins/workspace/windows-kicad-msys2-stable/src/kicad/common/dsnlexer.cpp : Expecting() : line 369

I installed KiCad about 2 days ago, and I used CvPcb before and never had any problems.

PCBNew Giving Parse Error

Ah, the Curse of the Nightly Build plus the Curse of the Online Library team up to strike again!

Someone has pushed a module that uses roundrect pad type, this is not yet supported in 4.0.x (the offending module is SMA_SMD_Jack_Straight.kicad_mod).

Raise an issue on the github perhaps.


I encountered this also, though from a different context, and have raised this issue against the repo:


Is there a git commit test set up so that this type of error can be caught at commit time…

or possibly each kicad_mod file includes a ‘required feature’ spec that indicates which tells the librarian which features - e.g. roundrect - this component requires, and so can avoid loading…?


There is a set of rules KLC plus some python scripts that are run by Travis (or user). I don’t think they have a compatibility check, but they could.

I think a flaw in the current footprint data is that there is no versioning of any sort, unlike the pcb and schematic files which at least have a version number.


It seems this has not happened before. (That’s why nobody added a rule to the klc about that. This is also the same reason why no automatic check for that exists yet.)

Because of this problems i made the suggestion to add a rule about that to the next klc.
A automatic check for that should be easy to implement.

If we don’t find a good solution, there will be a real problem during the transition time from kicad 4.x to kicad 5.x.


@SchrodingersGat just committed a fix:


It would be very helpful if KiCad could gracefully “reject” a footprint that it doesn’t know how to use, rather than bringing the entire library down with it.

I am going to implement a compatibility check to the scripts. I’m just waiting for a comprehensive list of “incompatible” features from the devs so I can do it all in one hit.


The fix has been merged. The library should now work again.