Cvpcb doesn't show parts

I am a new user, playing around with KiCad for about 2 hrs now.
Made a simple circuit with KiCad. ERC, Netlist, BOM all worked well with no warnings/errors.

However, when I attempt to do the footprint thing, CvPcb opens up and shows a notice:
"Some files could not be found!

  • smd_crystal&oscillator.mod
  • smd_dil.mod"

When I then close this message box, I see in the left 2/3 in bluish white, empty.
However, I somehow expected to see the components list there.
Loading the .net file via File->Open doesn’t change anything.
In the bottom bar I read “Components: 0 (free: 0)”

However, the netlist file itself appears to look fine. It contains all components, nets etc.

What am I doing wrong?
I’d really be happy for any idea what I could try, as I feel stuck now…

My OS and kicad versions:

  • FreeBSD 10.2
  • Eeschema (2013-Dec-23)-stable
  • CvPcb (2013-Dec-23)-stable

P.S.: I attempted to upload the netlist file, but I got a message that I cannot to yet as I am new user.

So you’re still using the obsolete version. Why?

Make sure the footprint libraries (.mod) are actually installed AND added to the list of libraries in pcbnew. Otherwise nothing will show up.

Thanks Madworm :smile:

I found out I installed FreeBSD package “kicad”. It contains the (old) version mentioned in my post. I removed it and installed “kicad-devel”. Seems to be the new version and all things work smoothly using it. Currently playing around with the pcb layout and learning how to use it :smile:

Thanks again from a kicad newb :slight_smile: