Cvpcb crashes on deprecated footprint library files


Kicad 4.0.6 crashes when I run cvpcb. I get an error report saying that divers.pretty, discret.pretty and labels.pretty are missing. Looking at the footprint library, I see that all three of these are deprecated. About seven more footprints have been deprecated but aren’t causing any problem. Except for these problems Kicad 4.0.6 is running well. I am running 4.0.6 on an older (2009) iMac, using OSX version 10.11.6 I am going to make and enter a new footprint file locally to see if that helps.


These libs have been deleted recently. Just remove them from your fp lib table.


I think it is worth mentioning

It downloads all the latest footprint libraries and updates your global fp-lib-table.


I think the repos should not have been removed. Only the references to them should be removed. (from the fp-lib-table templates.)

A few releases down the road we might think about removing the repos.
We can remove all footprints from these repos though. (ok one dummy footprint needs to stay in each repo because empty footprint libs break some stuff as well.)


I created an issue over at our repo.

Lets see what oliver thinks about it.


And yet again… this is why we don’t use online libraries. There is simply not enough controls in place.

Mind you, the libraries were deleted 3 days ago and no one seemed t notice.


Anytime my seemingly stable build starts to throw the familiar “IO” errors, I notice. But mostly I just curse and go fix it on my own. It’s the folks who don’t know how to do that who will struggle the most, so it’s nice that someone posted about it here.

Agree it’s better not to use the online libraries.


The three missing libs have been restored, but now contain a single footprint Blank.kicad_mod - this is only to prevent crashes until the library situation is improved.


Oh yea, I NOTICED!

I’m really starting to get into the Nutz and Boltz of KiCad, and I’m just a bit overwhelmed.

I remember having this problem when I created a thread the first time I had it happen to me.
My First Time…

Thing is, I remember that there was a “quirk” to the fix, and that I don’t now remember the details of that “quirk”.

On Windoze 7Pro 64 the issue throws up a warning window, but does not crash the program.