CvPCB and FPID Conformation

Hi I am new to Kicad and I am trying to create a simple PCB with a voltage regulator and a ATmega. I have finished with schematic and I try to associate the footprints but I get this thing.

Some of the assigned footprints are legacy entries (are missing lib nicknames). Would you like CvPcb to attempt to convert them to the new required FPID format? (If you answer no, then these assignments will be cleared out and you will have to re-assign these footprints yourself.)

What does it means?
What I am missing? Have done any thing wrong?

Since kicad version 4 (released 3 years ago) kicad stores not only the footprint name but also the library in which that footprint is found inside the footprint field of symbols.

This allows more control over which footprint will be used. Before this change footprints needed a unique name over all libraries or the user needed to take care off library priorities.

The fact that you get this message means that the project you opened was created in an older version of kicad. (unless you manually changed some footprint fields.)

I would guess the dialog informs you that kicad will attempt to fix the assignment.
I personally can not really be of any help as i have started using kicad after v4 has been released.

If the project is not one that was created in an old version of kicad then you might have really made a mistake when assigning a footprint. Read this FAQ article to see how it would be done correctly: How can i assign a footprint to a symbol?

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