Cutting a DXF feature from a file and import as a silk screen


I guess it’s less of a KiCad related question but I’d like to know how some of you guys would do it.
I have this XT60 outline I see in this DXF file now I’d like to cut that outline out of this DXF file and import into a XT60 connector footprint I make for it and use the imported file as a silkscreen or guideline.

What software would you guys use to cut that outline feature?

Thanks for your time.

It’s down to personal preference, but I like to use Inkscape for that type of work. Import the DXF file, isolate the feature, copy-paste into a new file.

The feature is under an angle… this makes things ‘nasty’ if you don’t know the angle.

Also, hitting google for ‘xt60 footprint’ gives me this (top left looks like KiCAd to me):

Personally I’d start with either a datasheet/drawing of this connector from a reliable source or get me a real species of it and get the measurements myself. :nerd:

PS: Pappkopp - XT 60 KiCad footprint

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