Customize start up environment (path, worksheets etc.)

I’d like to separate program and data f.i. onto two different harddisks. Whenever I start a new project in Kicad and your directoriy structure differs from the default you have to go through a serious of settings in order to customize the project. It goes so far, that you have to manually chose your ‘pagelayout_default.kicad.wks’ as the worksheet for this project. default is not default enough! Is there a better way to set your default settings to accomodate your desired director and file structure?

This problem is quite old, but I am replying here so other can benefit. In this case, one needs to configure paths to avoid such trouble. Do not keep the old (default) paths, just remove them. If you often create projects from templates then move ‘templates’ folder to newly defined paths as well.

I hope, it will take your trouble away. Good Luck and Happy KiCading… :smile: