Custom shaped pad from 2 polygons - can't connect on PCB

I made a custom footprint for X2SON package but with a custom ground pin:

But when I try to connect it to GND the editor does not allow it. Is this a bug or should I change something in my pad design?

Are you trying to track in from the left as per your last picture?
if so it appears your track constraints are too wide for that aperture. See the gray area around the track

No, for some reason the editor wants to connect the track to the very center of that custom pin (the diamond custom path) and not to the whole custom shape.

Custom pads have a normal anchor pad. This is where KiCad connects the trace. If you want to have anchors at the end of the pad then place additional pads there (normal pads with the same pad number).

I think you should also be able to connect at the end if you turn of snap to pads temporarily (in the preferences menu, i don’t think there is a hotkey for this)

Thank you! Added 2 additional pads and now it works, though clumsy.