Custom scale for a true PCB view

Please help me retrace your steps.

what do you mean by “exact length” ? the spec length as per property or a visible length (depends on a zoom factor) ? As a spec length I can use the PCB outline “exact length” , as a visible exact length I can use a line but it will change in your next step when changing the zoom…
And where/how do you use the resulting status showing zoom?

what do you mean by “exact length” ?

The dimension-item must be the length of the measured value from the ruler. If the ruler says “280mm canvas width from left to right” than you need to draw a dimension-item with 280mm length. (if you select the dimension-item thats the number below “value” in the status-field. Or in the dimension-properties dialog at the top left, grayed out). At the time of drawing the dimension-line is not physically 280mm long, as the zoom-value currently is undetermind.

I have made a video, but it’s 30MB in size (5minutes long, I’m not so fast with english speaking). Some hints for easy online-storage (with easy access, I don’t want to take care of my next cloud-account)

as MP4-file:

note: it’s useful to pan the board into the middle of the screen prior to saving the viewport. I forgot that in the video and so the saved viewport shows the auxiliary dimension line. Which is not practical in daily use.

If so , then “dimension-item” is my board outline which has been known size from the start.
At the end of all steps I get a viewport which at the 1.0 zoom does not give my true size PCB but much smaller.
BTW you did not show any usage of the scale factor in step #8 (you hinted about use of it in step 10 but it was not and how could you use it if no custom zooming is possible?)

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