Custom Power Ports not connecting

Trying to create custom power symbols based on how kicad explains it in the manual, but I still have to use net labels to distinguish the net for each power port. Even taking an existing power port and editing it and saving it in a new local library doesn’t work. I still have to use net labels. Any help on this or way around it?

Check the properties of the pin of your custom power symbol.
Has it the correct pin name? (This will be the name of the global label/net. The symbol name and value do not matter at all.)
Is it set as power input and invisible? (This is how kicad determines that it should be a global label. Yes it is an ugly hack from the past. Yes the developers are aware of it.)

Also set the reference to #pwr. This way kicad knows that it should not try to connect a footprint to it.

Also check that you connect to the right place of the power symbol. You need to connect your net to the invisible pin!


Power Symbols in Eeschema are GLOBAL; from what I understand.

I think you are missing a step somewhere.

I hadn’t heard about making the pin invisible. That was all I had to change to make it work. Thanks so much. Been fighting this for months now.

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