Custom Power Port not Global in Hierarchical Schematic


I made a custom power port (called “24V_Return”) that doesn’t get the same treatment as other power ports. When I create a hierarchical design, and place the “24V_Return” symbol, it is not connected to the other “24V_Return” instances in other sheets (unlike for the “+3V3” node for instance). Hopefully the image below captures what I’m trying to say:

…and here’s the libary properties for the “24V_Return” part I made:

…I’m thinking that there must be some property on the “24V_Return” port/symbol that I need to modify in order for it be seen globally.


power_out.sch (4.0 KB)
power_use.sch (2.2 KB)
test_circuit.sch (861 Bytes)
test_circuit-cache.lib (2.8 KB) (4.0 KB)


The pin type must be Power Input.


Thanks for catching that. I changed it to “Power Input” but that didn’t fix the connectivity problem. I’d expect that would only effect ERC errors/warnings, right?


Pin name and component name should be “24V_Return” and ref id should be “#PWR?”.


Yes, I believe that is what I have done. Are you seeing something that would indicate otherwise?




No, a power label is only generated for a pin when it has the attribute Power Input and is invisible.

Oh… just noticed your pin is set to Visible - should be invisible :slight_smile:


Ah, ha! That did it. Changing to invisible seems to have been the missing link. Everything now appears as I would expect. Thanks!


I’m about to tackle another board where I’m going to need Hierarchical Schematic sheets. Reading this topic has probably saved me several moments of greif.

Thanks OP!