Custom (Parts?) Libraries?

Hi, sorry, another - moving from Eagle - question:

I’ve read a lot and watched a lot, but not found much about custom libraries yet, would anyone have a link to something that would help me?

I think I’ve worked out that schematic symbols and footprints are entirely separate things and not linked initially at all. That’s not how my libraries are set up though.
I have ‘parts’, that each have a schematic symbol, footprint and custom attributes such as:
Manufacturer P/N
My P/N
Supplier P/N
and a few more

This way I can spit out a BOM as a csv that has everything in it that I need.

Is there a way of setting a library up like this at all? Can symbols have all the attributes and a default footprint at all?

Also, my symbols display some of the attributes, which I find makes peer reviewing designs so much easier, such as:
Screenshot 2023-12-12 at 16.58.33

Is it possible to create symbols like this?

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Short answer, yes and yes.

Yup. Just think of “symbols” as “parts”.

This is not quite accurate: symbols and footprints don’t have to be linked. But they can be, and if you want a workflow where they are linked, you just define all your data (including the footprint to use) inside the symbol.

Sometimes Posts get very long and confusing as many may contribute…

You might want to look at my post’s in this link, my last post sort-of get to the point on using custom fields but most likely won’t directly address all your hopes.

So, Symbols can have links to most anything…

That said, as bobc, indicated, it’s doable…

Open symbol Properties dialog box and you see Footprint field.
I’m not sure if it will be helpful for you, but here it what I have written about my libraries:

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