Custom pad using DXF import



I’m new to footprint editing using KiCad, and I’m having some trouble putting together a non-standard pad for a component. The pad in question is shown here:

I’ve created the pad in FreeCAD, per the dimensions shown above, and imported it as a DXF in KiCAD:

EDIT: I can only post one image for some reason, I’ll add the next two images in subsequent posts below.

A couple of issues/questions:

  1. The DXF appears to be a wireframe only; do I need to apply fill in FreeCAD or can this be done in KiCad?
  2. Is F.Paste the correct layer on which to import the DXF?
  3. When I view the imported pad in 3D viewer, the number of segments in the arc is drastically reduce (see below). What’s the issue here/is this normal?

EDIT: See third post for this image.

Any guidance here would be great!


If you use kicad stepup you should ve able to directly export it from freecad to a footprint



There might be a better solution available. Take a look at my dfn/qfn generator script:

And a heads up: the drawing you copy is the “lead” of the package. The pads will not look the same as this would result in 0 fillet even if every measurement is at nominal. (Most likely negative fillet if any dimension has a bit of tolerance)

You should look at the suggested footprint to determine pad sizes. If there is none then you will need to rely either on industry standards or expirience


Thanks Rene, much appreciated.

As you stated, I somehow got the package detail confused with the recommended footprint. I’ve gone with an industry standard QFN footprint, as a recommended footprint for this particular IC is not available from the OEM.