Custom KiCAD Build with vcpkg on Linux

Hi everyone,
Has anyone been successful in building KiCad with vcpkg on Linux? I’ve seen that there is a vcpkg.json file but it looks like it’s supposed to be used on Windows only. At least on my Linux system (Ubuntu 22.04 x64) if fails building glib whereas building KiCad without vcpkg works fine.

I’m asking because I struggle including additional third party dependencies like magic-enum, fmt, etc. to KiCad. Any hints are welcome.

BR Dom

It’s only intended for use / supported on Windows.

Have you tried the standard Linux build instructions? magic_enum and fmt are in-tree so I’m not sure why you would have problems with them.

I’m not sure what the root cause is myself. Currently I add spdlog which depends on fmt but fails on some fmt internals. Maybe a version conflict between spdlog and fmt. Nonetheless, it’s good to know that fmt and magic_enum are already included. I have to investigate this more before I can give any detailed questions/answers.

I’m going to close this since the version conflict between spdlog and fmt is not KiCad specific.

FTR, using spdlog v1.14.1 and fmt v10.2.1 with Cmake’s FetchContent_Declare and FetchContent_MakeAvailable solved my initial issue.