Custom footprints revisit

Hi all,
As far as I understand custom footprints are available in nightly builds for some time now.

  • Does anybody have info if they will make it into stable 5.0?
  • Also, to those of you who are using the custom footprint feature, are pads on internal layers possible?
  • I saw on the roadmap that one discussed feature of stable 5.0 should be getting rid of the footprint editor. does that mean that pads on inner layers will become a non-issue? This option is pretty important to folks who do high frequency boards.

Thanks ahead for any input you might have!

Are you referring to “Drop footprint edit mode.” ?

If so, I believe that section discusses code changes that are internal to KiCad only. There might be some minor changes noticeable by the user, but I don’t think there is a plan to drop the footprint editor.

The roadmaps are written from the point of view of the developers, so you need to read between the lines a bit to understand the impact on users.

As far as I know, there are no changes in this area over v4.

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