Custom Column for Interactive BOM from Altium PCB

Hello. I am trying to add custom columns to the Interactive HTML BOM that contains the custom part numbers we use so that assembly is easier. We use Altium to design the PCBs and use the importer on KiCAD 5.99 to import the Altium project to create this BOM. However, it does not contain the custom part number we need. I tried exporting the BOM from Altium as a .xml file, but the Interactive BOM did not show anything that can be added to to the extra fields section (the file showed up, but nothing is selectable). I also tried exporting a bom from KiCADs pcb_new, but the part number column did not show up.

I am wondering if there is a way for me to get this to work. Thanks in advance.

InteractiveHtmlBom can only import Kicad’s netlist and xml files for extra fields. Both files are expected to be in the format that eeschema uses.
You have several options, none of which are easy and will likely require some programming:

  1. The easiest way: generate the netlist file in the eeschema format with extra field you need. It’s not complex, you can create a simple schematic with couple components, add some custom fields and export netlist to see what it’s contents look like.
  2. The not so easy way: after bom is generated open it in text editor and edit pcbdata["bom"] variable to include your field.
  3. The best long term way (helpful to others too): you can add support for Altium in interactive html bom:

Thanks for your reply. For now, I will try the first method and possibly in the future, I will work on the 3rd method and post it.

I am wondering if anyone knows which script in the Interactive HTML BOM plugin deals with taking the list of parts from the pcb?

Probably the ‘someone’ from the EEVblog review? :wink: @qu1ck

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How is EEVblog relevant here?

@MiPlayer123 ibom supports multiple ECAD apps but all of that logic is in this module
See for kicad specific stuff.

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My bad, ‘whoever’. :wink: You’re my favorite anonymous person. :smiley:

Haha, Dave just mentioned it in passing on a video dedicated to entirely different topic. There are much more thorough reviews and articles about the plugin on the net so I was confused why bring that up here :slight_smile:

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