Custom assignments for scroll wheel


So I am new to KiCad and so far it seems like great software. Unfortunately, I very much dislike zooming with the scroll wheel and would like to swap the scroll and ctrl+scroll functions. I don’t see either of these functions in the hot key menu so I’m not sure if they are customizable. Any help is greatly appreciated!


F1 and F2 for zoom in and zoom out.

Customizable independently in schematic and layout editors.


I see that you can scroll using F1 and F2 but that doesnt change the function of my mouse wheel. The ultimate goal is to change the function of the mouse wheel to scroll(up and down) instead of zoom and make ctrl+scroll zoom instead of scroll(up and down).


I don’t know if those changes are possible.


I don’t know what platform you are on but, on macOS I have used Better Touch Tool
Although I have not tried your specific requirement, it does allow a huge variety of alternative mouse/trackpad remappings and may well do what you are asking. There may be alternatives for other platforms.


This ties into the wishlist items for universal hotkeys in kicad. Where every keyboard and mouse function can be reassigned.

Its in the bug tracker. But I dont know if any action has taken place towards it


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